Our Story 🩵

Probiomlyte is the brainchild of a dedicated husband and wife duo, Bobban and Viji, who leverage their unique backgrounds – she’s an entrepreneur and he’s a PhD microbiologist – to transform a personal family health challenge into a groundbreaking wellness solution. Founded in 2020, Probiomlyte was born out of a need for a diabetic family member who was diagnosed with a severe UTI and required a specialized electrolyte supplement for recovery. Dissatisfied with the sugar-laden electrolyte options available, they embarked on a mission to create a better alternative for hydration and health supplements.

After nearly four years of meticulous research, taste-testing, and sourcing premium ingredients, Probiomlyte was born – a superior solution for overall well-being.

Today, as a woman and minority-owned business, we proudly produce Probiomlyte in-house using all-natural ingredients at our Sarasota, Florida location, while also creating employment opportunities within our local community.