Will Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? The Truth About Probiotics & Weight Loss

Will Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? The Truth About Probiotics & Weight Loss

The health and wellness space is always abuzz with new trends and research findings, and one area that never falls out of fashion is the search for new weight loss solutions.

With the rising popularity of probiotic supplements for gut health, many have touted the benefits of probiotics to lose weight, while others argue that probiotics have no benefit for weight loss.

So, which is true? Will probiotics help you lose weight?

In fact, the truth is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no!

In this post, our experts will share what Probiomlyte knows about probiotics and weight loss, and which probiotic is best for weight loss

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that can be consumed to boost the numbers and balance of friendly bacteria that reside naturally in our digestive system.

While probiotics are renowned for their gut health benefits, and the link between gut health and whole-body health is becoming well understood, their potential role in weight management is still being studied.

The Science Behind Probiotics and Weight Loss

To date, 16 studies have indicated that the consumption of probiotics for weight loss might offer some benefits, particularly for individuals who are overweight or considered clinically obese.

However, these studies paint a mixed picture: some highlight significant weight loss advantages offered by probiotics, while the results of others are less clear-cut.

Potentially, probiotics may aid weight management by:

  • Boosting satiety (how full you feel after eating), which can curb overeating
  • Restricting calorie absorption, particularly from fats
  • Enhancing your metabolism due to an increased production of digestive enzymes
  • Some studies have pointed to the ability of probiotics to lower cholesterol, which can be beneficial for overweight or obese individuals

Based on what we know at present, it's important to understand that probiotics aren’t a miracle cure for weight loss. They should be taken as a piece of a larger holistic approach, complemented by a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

When consumed in this manner, probiotics research suggests the benefits could be significant.

Which Probiotic is Best for Weight Loss?

Certain strains of probiotic like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Gasseri and Bifidobacterium have shown high potential to help with weight loss, but the search for the ultimate probiotic to help you lose weight is ongoing.

When considering which commercially available probiotic is best for weight loss:

  • Seek products with no less than 10 billion live cultures per serving
  • Prioritize probiotic formulas containing strains known to boost weight loss 
  • Ask an expert for advice on which probiotic is best for weight loss

    Probiotics and Electrolytes for Whole-Body Health

    Launched in 2023, Probiomlyte is a new entry to the market that marries the power of probiotics with essential electrolytes for the best in gut health and whole-system hydration.

    Our probiotic hydration formula is superpowered by our patented Tribiome Microbiome Technology (probiotics with prebiotics and postbiotics) and Diversify® Prebiotics + Probiotics, ensuring robust gut health, quick hydration, and improved stamina courtesy of Citrulline.

    The relationship between probiotics and weight management is yet to be fully understood, but the initial signs show promise. Boost your weight loss journey by integrating Probiomlyte probiotics into your daily hydration, in a range of low- and no-sugar flavors.

    Cheers to healthful hydration!

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