Hydration with Probiomlyte

Unlocking Optimal Hydration with Probiomlyte™

At Probiomlyte™, we are redefining what it means to hydrate. Our mission is to provide top-quality electrolyte hydration powders enhanced with pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, designed to optimize your well-being, support your gut health, and ensure peak physical performance. Founded by a dedicated husband and wife team, we combined entrepreneurial spirit with scientific expertise to create a universal solution for better well-being.

Probiomlyte was born out of a family health challenge in 2020. When a close family member was diagnosed with a severe UTI, we were advised to use an electrolyte supplement. However, the sugar-rich options available were not suitable for diabetics. This led us to develop Probiomlyte, utilizing patented Biomsify fermentation technologies to create our unique TriBiom Microbiome Technology (TMT) in every sachet.

Our product features Diversify® prebiotic fibers that slowly release water into the body, ensuring extended hydration. This innovative approach acts like a cellular drip irrigation system, keeping your gut flora hydrated and functioning properly. Proper hydration is crucial for preventing dysbiosis, a harmful condition where bad bacteria outnumber the good, leading to health issues like 'leaky gut'.

By incorporating Probiomlyte into your routine, you're not just hydrating; you're supporting your heart, brain, and overall health. Probiomlyte helps prevent cardiac disease, aids in infection resistance, supports cognitive function, and benefits mood regulation. Experience the difference with Probiomlyte – your ultimate hydration and gut health solution.

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