Ultimate Workout Partner

Probiomlyte™: Your Ultimate Workout Partner

Looking for the best workout partner? Look no further than Probiomlyte™. Our electrolyte hydration powders are more than just supplements – they're a powerhouse for improving gut, brain, and heart health, managing your weight, and smashing your fitness goals.

Probiomlyte was created by a husband and wife team with a passion for health and science. In 2020, faced with a family member's severe UTI and the need for a suitable electrolyte supplement, we developed Probiomlyte using patented Biomsify fermentation technologies and TriBiom Microbiome Technology (TMT).

Probiomlyte's unique formula includes Diversify® prebiotic fibers, sugar, salt, potassium, and citrulline, providing a precise probiotic electrolyte solution for optimal hydration and gut health. The slow-release water system ensures prolonged hydration, supporting your gut flora and preventing dysbiosis.

Hydration is crucial for peak physical performance. By incorporating Probiomlyte into your fitness routine, you support your body's resistance to infection, cognitive function, and mood regulation. With Probiomlyte, every drop of water you consume works harder for your health, making it the ultimate addition to your workout regimen. Achieve your fitness goals with Probiomlyte – the best workout partner you'll ever have.

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