No, You Probably Don’t Drink Enough Water: What Does Dehydration Mean for You?

No, You Probably Don’t Drink Enough Water: What Does Dehydration Mean for You?

The link between hydration and health has been a hot topic in recent years, with hydrating drinks with electrolytes, electrolyte-infused water, salt tablets and even post-drinking IV rehydration gaining in popularity.

That’s because most of us are learning that hydration isn’t just about quenching thirst anymore – in fact, recent research suggests that adequate hydration might not only sustain life but also slow the toll time takes on our bodies.

This goes beyond merely staying youthful-looking and wrinkle-free (though hydration helps there, too!). It's about fortifying our health and wellness and potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Read on to learn more about recent findings on the relationship between hydration and holistic health and why hydrating drinks with electrolytes may prove the best way to hydrate your body.

Hydration: Your Body's Silent Hero

Our bodies are vast reservoirs, with more than half of our mass made up of water. This isn't just filler; the liquid in our systems is hard at work, helping us regulate body temperature, aiding digestion, maintaining the health of our hair and skin, fueling hormone production, ensuring oxygen delivery, and slowing aging.

Is Proper Hydration the Elixir of Youth?

Recent scientific research on hydration paints a fascinating picture. Hydration isn't just about feeling good for the day – it could mean looking and feeling good for a lifetime.

Findings reported by CNN suggest a connection between optimal hydration and a slowed aging process. That's not just fewer wrinkles, but a healthier body in the long term.

Research conducted on mice suggested that not drinking enough could speed up the aging process. Delving deeper, the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study analyzed the health data of over 11,000 adults.

The results? Those with higher serum sodium levels – a hydration marker – seemed to be biologically older than their actual age and had a 64% higher risk of chronic diseases. People with very high serum sodium levels had a 21% higher risk of premature death.

That’s concerning, given statistics show that half of the global population isn’t meeting daily water intake recommendations.

More Than Just Drinking Water

The National Academy of Medicine suggests a daily fluid intake of 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men.

But hydration isn’t just about the drinking water – it’s about how effectively your body can absorb it.

Have you ever wondered why there's so much buzz around electrolyte drinks for adults, and identifying the best electrolyte powders, among the health-savvy?

You can better achieve the recommended fluid intake by regularly hydrating drinks with electrolytes and probiotics. These formulas maximize hydration benefits and improve your gut health.

Electrolytes: What Are They?

With the recent explosion in the availability of commercially available electrolyte drink powders that rehydrate your body fast, one thing is clear: the demand for electrolytes isn’t just a fitness fad.

But electrolytes are nothing new – these naturally occurring minerals serve our body from the moment we’re born. The purpose of hydrating drinks with electrolytes is simply to replenish important electrolytes in the body when dehydration or illness allows them to become depleted.

To explain how the major electrolytes in the body benefit your health, it’s best to imagine your body as a city:

Lots of cars, buses, and trains help everything move around and work properly. But for these transit systems to run smoothly and efficiently, they need signals from traffic lights and train stations.

Electrolytes are like traffic signals. These tiny charged particles help send important messages and signals in our bodies. Thanks to these signals, our muscles can move, our hearts can beat, and our brains can think.

Electrolytes help you achieve proper hydration by enhancing water absorption and retention. That’s why maintaining your electrolyte balance is an essential part of most adult hydration routines.

Probiomlyte: The Best Way To Hydrate Your Body

Our mission at Probiomlyte is to provide science-backed hydrating drinks with electrolytes and Diversify® Prebiotics + Probiotics, offering the best holistic health support for your body.

By combining probiotics and electrolytes, our hydration formulas optimize your well-being, support your gut health, and ensure peak physical performance, making every drop of water you consume work harder for your health.

Probiomlyte is more than just the best electrolyte drink for hydration – we’ve taken your whole body’s health into consideration at every step of development. That’s why all of our flavors are available in nine recipes designed to promote both hydration and gut health – regular, low and no sugar.

Try Probiomlyte today in refreshing Passion Fruit, Lemon Lime or Orange. And remember: you're not just staying hydrated for today – you're safeguarding your future health and lasting youth.

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